Why should my company blog?

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When we discuss digital marketing campaign with companies and tell them they need a company blog, they look all doe-eyed and think it is something teenagers do and nobody reads. Company Blog is a valuable marketing tool for the company’s website and brings fresh content which your consumer can easily connect to.

To better understand why a company blog works you we need to understand a great strategy in digital marketing is an inbound marketing strategy. Traditionally, outbound marketing we would send out a message in the world, sales pitch, via television, radio, print, direct mail or outdoor. Pushing out the message to lots of people, interrupting, hoping targeting audience notices your message

Inbound Marketing Model

Inbound, as the name suggests is about attracting attention, rather than pushing. With your consumer becoming savvier they read up about products or services and you want to make sure your voice is a deciding factor.

  1. Website Traffic

If you do not have a company blog, traffic to your site is via

  • Someone typing in web address
  • You paying for an advert to link to your site
  • Or sending a mailer with your site link

So you are limited to traffic to your website because your content is stagnant (you can only re-write the home page so many times) and content is limited, you cannot invent new services to create more pages.

So blogging is the solution. Every time you write an article you are creating a landing point for a search engine, a page they can index. This also shows search engine your site is still alive. Another benefit is you are creating shareable content, as people share an article they find informative.

Website Traffic
Website Hits to Leads
  1. Hits to leads

For your knowledge you would like something in return, that is why each blog should have a lead generating call to action.

For example an eBook exchange for contact information, or a like for free white-papers and similar for webinars, free trials, fact sheets…

Keep in mind that not all reader will convert the first time or convert at all. Do set a target for your self and measure your conversion rate in order to pick up how you could tweak your call to action to generate more leads.

  1. A Market leader

If you have all the answer to your customer’s question when they search you will become an authority in their eyes. When a sales person does contact the lead they enter the sales process more trusting. Also, the lead is educated and which lead to a more product sales pipeline.

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