Sell the tears, three steps to sales

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Usually when we start with an advertising campaign we sit with the client in a meeting to discuss what they want to sell and what the features and befits are (FABS in marketing lingo) and steps to sales. After this we are sold, of course we only work with clients and products we believe in. – This is a central rout of advertising, and takes a long time with concentration as you need to focus on facts why this product or services is better than its competitors.

The peripheral rout to persuasion happens on a non-conscious level. Advertiser uses emotion to sell, for example that tear jerker advert of VW Beetle (see below). Why does it work? It does not tell you on a rational level how it will solve your problem, or how it’s better than another car?

 Fact: Advertising is most effective when it’s purely emotional* 

The problem stands that Peripheral persuasion is stored in the short term memory, and there is a delay from where someone sees your advert until they need that product. In the bombardment of information how to you stay on top of their mind?

1. Attention grabbing

The human mind’s attention span is very limited, even believing you are an intellectual most of your brain functionality is there to keep you alive.

Primitive – As you brain focuses on keeping you alive, there are certain triggers you are unaware of that will bring a thought to your conscious. Faces, Food and Fornication. These 3-F are what keeps the human spices alive, spotting a lion’s head in the bush, finding nourishment and creating the next generation.

Self-relevant – Ever had a conversation in a crowded room and heard your name. Above all the noise, the power of self-relevancy grabbed your attention.

Surprise – We look for patterns, anything out of the norm is eye-catching.

Affective –   Humans pay attention to things that are emotional, as we have read above. This could be treating, a spider or the uber cute, puppy monkey baby (see the advert to the left. Noticed they created the super cute creature to grab your attention)

2. Think About it

Getting noticed is the first step, now you need to occupy their mind, otherwise the message will leave as fast as it came

Story – The oldest know form of communication, this is how me make logic of the world 3

Mystery – A puzzle will keep your mind occupied, it is programmed to resolve the unknown.  Think about how many theories there are on the JFK killing

Effortlessness in Advertising - Lego

Effortlessness – Adverts are usually in-between things you want to look at, be it on a blog you are reading, in your magazine or on your TV in-between the sports. For this reason it needs to be short and simple. You are not going analyse the advert and figure out what they are trying to say to you.

3. Call to action

There is probably a stretch of time, from seeing the advert (attention) and taking it in (thinking about it) to the wanted action. That is why you need to encourage the wanted action.

Recall Advertising - Nescafe

Recall – When you are standing in the store you need to remember which product it was in order for the advertisement to have work. A simple trick which usually work is repetition.

Autopilot – Choosing something mundane as toothpaste works on “autopilot”. With limited though you use rule of thumb. That is why shelf displays are so prominent, that you could link that product to the advert you saw.

Grooming in Advertising - Canaian Club Whiskey

Grooming – Subconscious suggestion has been old topic of discussion in the advertising community and used responsibly could. Example a whiskey brand not suggesting whiskey, but merely asking the question “over beer?” – Suggesting whiskey only by the pack shot

There are lots of steps to sales and theories behind a successful advertising campaign, but the basic steps are 1. Attention, 2. Though and 3 Action. Most of the adverts, if you have seen them preivously, you would have rembered, showing that these practices work. In short make sure your advert evokes emotion.

If you need some advice feel free to drop us a line and aMUSEink – advertising agency can help you craft your next advertising campaign

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