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Target Marketing has become a Trojan Horse exercises, you need to get to the right people in innovative ways. In order to be effective in marketing, you must know how they shop for your product and match your marketing.

For an example the genius hacktivist, Aaron Swartz. He created a website similar to Wikipedia, we never heard of this service and subsequently never grew. His idea was “build it and they would come”, but later realised you had to pull them.

But how do you pull them and more importantly who do you want to pull? Setting the bait is easier when you know what you want to catch.

Have a look a popular file sharing service, Dropbox. There are many services like it but Dropbox is the most known and popular, but why? They started their marketing campaign with a simple video (shows how content is more important than production values) The key was they made it easy to understand and entreating for their target market and posted it on sites where they knew their ideal target market would be. Focusing on quality leads and not quantity. This DIY video was so popular the users grew by 15 times overnight.

Don’t market to everybody, it will cost you lots of money which will be lost. Focus on people that make it count, think of where you look for info. You can for example easily:
1. Right a pitch email to sites your market is on, suggest doing a story on your company.
2. Upload post to Quora, Reddit or any reputable site your ideal market is reading
3. Write a Blog or Article indirect promoting your product
4. Send a creative mail to the press highlighting why your product is cool

Without sounding like a cliché, it is about thinking outside the box. The reason why Dropbox got the attention was that it was unique at the time, shown to the right people and with the right message. A few marketing tools you could use to formulate a unique idea is
1. Invite only, gives your product and exclusivity
2. Fake crowd, people have the need of belonging, they will follow the crowd.
3. Exclusive service,
4. Launch small group
5. Host event
6. Influence advisor
7. Partner up

The key is the initial, a good idea is not won’t get attention. You need to target your marketing. When you attract the right people with right message in the right place they will become evangelists of your product.

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