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What goes into a checklist for noticeable advertising?

First, we need to find out what the mind classifies as noticeable? Your brain consists of many parts, but by Kahneman’s theory, there is basically a System 1 and a System 2. Why is this important to noticeable advertising? Well to understand advertising, or messaging you need to know what part you are talking to, in order to focus your message.

System 1 is the

System 2 is the
  • Newer evolutionary part,
  • Conscious part,
  • Slow and rational

So why can’t we advertise to the rational side?

Short answer, because it is busy. It has been estimated that humans can process 11, 000, 000 bits of information every second. Only 40 bits are conscious. (For how these numbers were calculated read Timothy Wilson’s Strangers to ourselves).

Have a look at the short video and count the number of passes the people in white shirts make?

Did you count 15? Great! But did you see the gorilla? You thought that 0.0004% of conscious sensory bits being process is low, yet you could only focus on counting and not notice the gorilla? (Original study by Simons and Chabris)

Sub-conscious vs Conscious Processing Power - aMUSEink

How to talk to the rational side?

We understand we cannot make a call to the rational side as we saw it will be missed like a big gorilla in the room. The brain does have a filter. Think of a crowded room, you are listening to a conversation, the background is filled with noise. Your name is mentioned in another conversation, immediately you pay attention to that conversation. Without your knowledge, your brain has processed the 11, 000, 000 bits and realised it needs to be shifted to the conscious/ rational side.

What is on your brains list to shift to the conscious? According to Richard Dawkins’s The Selfish Gene – Anything to survive and reproduce.

Lazy by Nature

It is in our human nature to conserve energy, commonly known as laziness. In a study, participants were given the option of 24 jams and in another group 6 jams. In the 24-group only 3% bought a jar compared to the 6-group to a staggering 30%. When we are faced with too big a selection we would rather make no selection (Lyengar and Lepper). So make sure your message is easy to understand.

Smaller Choice is easier

Our checklist

Most of the message gets lost that is sent into the world. So make sure you create noticeable advertising by:

  1. That talks to both systems of the brain, rational and emotional.
  2. Keep it as simple.
  3. Take advantage of the brains filter, things that make you pay attention straight away.

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