Fundamentals for Creating a Strong Brand is not Logo Design

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Are you a new entrepreneur looking for ideas for a logo design? This is a good place to start as your logo is only part of your brand strategy and part of a bigger picture you might not think of when starting with your logo design. So don’t worry too much about what hue that will inspire someone to buy

Leave the logo design and think long term

Most of our clients come to us with the request of the logo design, this is where we usually say, lets sit down and think about the long term outline of your brand strategy. Your brand is the intangible value of your company.

1. Brand Positioning

Your positioning goes hand-in-hand with your promise. This can be for example be the best, cheapest or comprehensive in your field (Remember you can not be everything to everyone, rather choose less and have a more focused message than trying to be everything to everyone). This is what makes your company unique, think of your brand as a person. This one individual is who will be representing your products or services.

2. Reliability

Your brand needs to be constant in its purpose. All your company’s touch points need to focus on the bigger message and ensure you keep focus on your positioning. This might seem vague but for example, that post you placed on social media, is it relevant to your company, and more in-depth does is reflect your company’s’ image?

3. Malleable

The previous two items wants to place your brand in a box, to say this is who we are, and the message must be same on all fronts. This is why you need to take into consideration from the start how malleable is your brand? In the fast world of marketing your need to ensure that you are not following a current trend which you would not be able to develop to new material, as you need to have a fluid brand evolving with the times and keeping the reliable promise you have made to your loyal customers

In short, your brand is the invisible voice of your company that is always there and reassuring the dependable message to your consumer. So, once we have created the framework for you brand strategy, we can start choosing the hue of colour and sketching that pretty logo.

Tip: Create a style guide or corporate identity manual. As time goes by you need to refer back to and ensure you are not deviating from your plan.

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