Advertising Science or Guessing Game

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Advertising has becomes a game of guesses, I have been in countless meetings where the personal preference of the marketing manager had become the design foundations of the campaign. Is this not “Adophena” – Finding patterns where we want them? Don’t get caught in this trap and use Advertising Science to make educated decisions

Studies have shown that 70% of CEO have lost their trust in marketing* . Subsequently marketing departments are being downsized * .To stay ahead of the game one needs to take the guessing out of advertising.

Make you product a social norm - aMUSEink

1. Make is Social Norm

In a social experiment participants were asked to wait in a room, unaware the “experiment” has already started, smoke was released in the room. When the person was on their own 3 out of 4 went to go look for help. When they were placed with other participants that were instructed to stay, only 1 out of 10 looked for help (Study by Latane, B., & Darley, J. M – Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) . So make sure in your advert you show all people are using your product or service, make it the norm. But be careful not to sell to the masses…

2. Keep it Personalised

To illustrate my point we look at an email campaign that was sent to a university with a request. In the A group, all of the participants were mailed part of a group and in group B they were emailed individually. As the lazy creatures we are, in Group-A only 50% responded to Group-B where 64% responded (Figures from Barron, G., & Yechiam, E.- Computers in Human Behavior) . What we can take away from this, except to not email people as a group is that we believe someone else will take care of something if we are asked in a group. So when crafting a message talk to an individual with a clear call to action.

Make you advertisng message personal - aMUSEink

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