5 Common digital marketing mistakes and their solutions

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With digital marketing, we get bombarded with positive feedback; everybody telling us how and why it was successful. But one can learn from digital marketing mistakes; we would like to outline five common digital marketing mistakes we see daily:

  1. Not Setting a Goal

The Problem; to measure success you need to set a clear, realistic, measurable goal. It seems like an obvious one but in most meetings we attend  with clients this is the one thing they never discuss. If your digital marketing company knows what you are aiming for, it makes their job a lot easier. Then the website can be built as a focus tool to build brand awareness, focus on consumers, new product launches or promote sales of product x and the same idea for social media or any channel used in your marketing campaign.

How to fix; have a look at your current hit and/or conversions, discuss what is achievable and the time frame you would like to see this happen in.

Tip; don’t say “we would like to be number one on Google: this does not happen at once and you need to set smaller goals working towards this. Also,  what would you like to be number one on a search results page for? Content needs to be sculpted around this


  1. Using Social Channels Incorrectly

The Problem; we have seen this countless times: we set up all the channels for clients and the last post on their wall would be the one to show them how it works. The other common problem is boasting about yourself on your social channel. This is not bad, but do you trust a company that only talks about themselves or do you trust one that shows that they know what they are doing?

How to fix; Set up a communication calendar; if you set deadlines for yourself to have posts ready you are more dedicated to getting content up and potential clients will  have you in their mind when they need to make a decision regarding  a supplier. Also post content relevant to the field and help them learn about your services and they will  make an education decision, don’t post content only about yourself. Clients are more likely to choose you if they trust you and what you do.


  1. Only Text-based Posts

The Problem; usually the task of digital marketing content would be placed in the PR companies’ care; they are text-based and they create wonderful write-ups that never get read. When you browse online, does a graphic pull your attention or huge articles?

How to fix; Make your visual communication company or a graphic designer part of the process. An infographic is a great way to easily digest big chunks of data. The trend for 2017 is original graphics,; there’s nothing wrong with stock images but people notice the style and feel that it is not as genuine as a photo of your factory or office, and this adds the personal touch in the big sea of the internet, making you stand out.

  1. Ignoring Blogs

The Problem; when you think of a blog, you think of a teenager writing down what they had for lunch. This is not the case for companies, this is the personalised voice people are looking for when reading about a problem or write-up of a product. Think about it: you stumble across an article looking for a solution or help, you don’t stumble upon a company’s brochure website with the answer. This is also what counts when search engines index your site. Websites should not only hard sell but attack people, with a solution, even if it might not be your product or service. This technique is called inbound marketing

How to fix; Similar to the social media communication calendar, get someone in the office to write an article on a regular basis. Remember a blog is more informal, and the content can be  about common problem you see your clients are having, if they are having these problems people are looking for the solution on the internet. For being a reliable source, the search engine will reward you.


  1. Not Using Earned and Paid Media

The Problem; when starting a campaign most clients say that they want the viral factor. There is no one recipe for anything to go viral (if you have it, please share!), but what I can tell you is that the social media companies also need to pay the bills and their model priorities paid for content.

How to fix; it is always important to discuss the paid-for media part of the plan. But one should take advantage of earned media, so make sure you have a wealth of content, so when you have attracted a visitor you keep them entertained or informed.

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