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aMUSEink advertising agency opened its doors in 2008 and has helped more than 200 companies. Over the years we have focused on and specialised on three aspects; Visual Communication, Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing.

About Us

Dream Incubators

Translating your vision into paper, onto a screen, or whatever medium is best-suited to your unique idea, building a close relationship with you and breathing life into your product is what’s most important to us.

About Us

Full Monty

Our design studio is made up of a team of experts in their respective fields, who are fully equipped to advise you on the best possible solution for your campaign. From web and design to video and copywriting, we bring synergy across all media and have the know-how to get your message across in the most effective and powerful way.

About Us

Invested in you

We are literally invested in you, since the more your business grows, the more work we get. We treat every client as though they were our only client, and our ultimate goal is to see you in every home and hear your name on everyone’s lips.

The Process


    Clients have already done a lot of thinking before you start working with them, and it’s your job to let them talk first. The foundation of a successful project is excellent communication and understanding.


    Jumping into any design project before examining the problem or task at hand might spin the wheels, but won’t get you very far. Take the raw idea and formulate it into a detailed brief outlining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Time for the creative juices to start flowing, ideas jotted down and scamps drawn up.


    The ideas are brought to life digitally, then edited. This is important as it will enable you to know what will work and what won’t. The ideas are presented to the client and feedback is received from you. Clear and concise criticism is crucial.


    Criticism and a clear mind are used to get perspective on the idea. Fine tuning, combining of elements and concepts are used to achieve a superior product.


    Once you, the client, is happy, we supply either the product and/or implement.

Our Clients

  • aMUSEink, a name that we at APLG are proud to be associated with. Their attention to detail and ability to deliver leaves us spellbound, every single time

    Giles Marshman Sales Director APLG
  • We have felt as though aMUSEink is an extension of our team. They are especially skilled across the full scope of anything you could want – aMUSEink is an incredible find!

    Dew Dickens Head of DTP Centurion Systems
  • aMUSEink’s professional, can do, creative approach makes it easy and exciting to work with – in the design world, there is nothing they can’t do! 

    Gail Keevy Denel Aerostructures Marketing & Communications Officer
  •   The creativity and on-time-delivery makes this company a best-fit for us and we would gladly recommend their high level of experience  

    Colin Singarum Denel Group Business Development
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